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We come from a background of wargamers, diorama builders and miniature figure collectors. For three generations we have been building, painting, researching and playing at wargames in many different historical eras. Over the years we have found that there has been an abundance of miniature figures, however there has always been difficulty in obtaining good quality wargame miniature buildings, terrain and accessories that compliment the wargamer's table or diorama. This spurred us on to make our own and over the years we have perfected our craft.

Our Dioramas have been the recipient of various awards because of their detail and imagination. We are now committed to bringing that same detail and imagination to our products and ultimately to our customers.


miniature buildings wargame buildings


To view additional past diorama projects, click on Dioramas

Our commitment to our fellow wargaming enthusiasts is in bringing you affordable, highly detailed wargame miniature buildings and terrain. In addition to wargamers, our products are also suitable for diorama builders, model railroaders, hobbyists, or collectors.

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