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Welcome to Kobblestone

Our Company designs and manufactures miniature buildings, accessories and terrain for the Wargamer. The design of our buildings make them ideal for tabletop role-playing games. They are also suitable for diorama builders, model railroaders, hobbyists and collectors. Products are cast with a superior lightweight resin and are currently geared toward the 25-28mm scale.

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Below are some of the Dioramas that we have created with our buildings.
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for larger views click on images

European Row Houses

miniature buildings

Modern buildings

miniature modern  buildings

Mid East buildings

Mid East buildings

Celtic buildings

celtic buildings

Destroyed buildings

WW2 miniature buildings

Mediterranean buildings

Mediterranean miniature buildings

Medieval buildings

miniature medieval buildings and miniature medieval terrain

Terrain Boards

terrain boards


Multi Playable Buildings  

This is a new type of building that changes the way Wargamers can play tabletop games. They are totally accessible for figure placement inside the buildings. The fronts, backs and roofs are all removable with plenty of interior room for gaming. Their modular design allows for the Player to change the look and aspect of the game just by interchanging the front, backs and roofs. A whole city block or town can be redesigned to create completely different looking scenes without having to purchase numerous buildings. They can also be changed from the intact model to a destroyed model in just minutes.

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Multi Playable European Row Houses - click on images for larger view

miniature buildings
miniature buildings
miniature buildings
miniature buildings

Multi Playable Destroyed Houses - click on images for larger view

ww2 miniature buildings
ww2 destroyed miniature buildings
ww2 miniature buildings
ww2 destroyed miniature buildings

For more information on our Multi Playable buildings

Check out our Accessories page

miniature buildings
miniature buildings
miniature buildings
miniature wargaming buildings
miniature Middle Eastern buildings miniature buildings Middle Eastern miniature buildings
removable doors
with lights

We have many windows and doors to select from as well as nurmerous other add-on products that are great for the do-it-yourselfer.

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For the do-it-yourselfer who wants to make their own buildings, we also produce all the bits and pieces that a building needs to make it look realistic.

destroyed miniature buildings wargame accessories
destroyed arch entrance
Spanish Fountain

See our accessories catalogue  

Bookcase Buildings

Our Multi Playable buildings make fantastic displays for bookcases or dioramas

ww2 miniature buildings

See our European/WW2 Catalogue 


Our Experience Shows!

We have over 30 years experience in making dioramas and building up wargaming tables. Our dioramas have been the recipient of various awards because of their detail and imagination. We are committed to bringing that same detail and imagination to our products.

Future productions will include complete towns, villages and cities in many geographical areas as well as different time periods.


We don't just create one building at a time - we create the whole scene !

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